Southwest Airlines 737 Incident At Chicago Midway Airport

Posted on 26 April 2011

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 Flight 1919A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 operating as Flight 1919 overran Chicago Midway Airport’s (MDW) runway 13C while landing today (26 April 2011). According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the conditions at the time were rainy with southerly winds. The incident occurred at 1:33 pm (CDT).

The jet was arriving after a flight from Denver International Airport with 134 passengers, five lap children and five crew, according to Southwest Airlines.

The NTSB says there were no reported injuries but they have opened an investigation that will include reviews of the cockpit voice recorder (CVR), flight data recorder (FDR), Air Traffic Control tapes and interviews with the flight crew.

Southwest Airlines Slam Dunk One

Southwest Airlines Slam Dunk One. This is not the incident aircraft at Chicago Midway operated as Flight 1919.

Southwest Airlines issued a written statement that indicated the airline is offering each customer onboard a refund of their roundtrip air fare and two complimentary roundtrip passes. The airline also said that there are delays at Chicago Midway due to the incident and they advise travelers to check flight status before leaving for the airport to avoid inconvenience.

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