First Airbus A380 For Korean Air Close To Delivery

Posted on 4 May 2011

Korean Air First A380 Flight-Test KAL Airbus Picture

First A380 for Korean Air takes off for final round of tests (4 May 2011).
Korean Air (KAL) First Airbus A380 Flight-Test picture
courtesy of & copyright Airbus

Better late than never. According to the initial order announcement from Airbus on 18 June 2003, “Deliveries to Korean Air are scheduled to begin in late 2007 through 2009.” By 19 February 2008, the airframe builder was looking to 2010 for initial deliveries of the A380 to Korean Air. “Starting in 2010, Korean Air will introduce the A380 on high density traffic routes from Seoul to the US west coast, with subsequent destinations likely to include cities on the US east coast and Europe.

Given the complexity and challenges typical to the launch of an aircraft with the Airbus A380′s impressive and unprecedented specifications, the delay is not surprising. The airline must not have been too worried because a review of order announcements shows several additions (or perhaps changes from options to firm) by the South Korean air carrier.

Seating capacity, on the other hand, seems to have shrunk. In the initial order press release Airbus said the A380 would seat 555. By 3 February 2009 the Korean Air configuration was stated as a standard three class layout with seating for 525 passengers and a range of 8,200 nm.

Current specifications for the A380 as published on the Airbus website state the range is now 8,300 nm, with typical seating at 525 (3-class).

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