Boeing 747 Video – Hot Pics Episode 2

Posted on 12 January 2013

Our friends at and have come up with a new episode of their awesome aviation video series, Hot Pics. This time it is the uber airliner, the mighty Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet video.

Watch it in HD if you have the bandwidth. The video features air-to-air shots, aerials at airports, and amazing location and historical captures.

There are images from now-closed Kai Tak in Hong Kong of a Cathay Pacific 747-400 flying past the famous checkerboard and in the cockpit on short final.

Another cockpit shot was captured during the delivery flight of Asiana‘s first 747 as it was on final approach to South Korea’s Kimpo Airport. Tragically, the plane that later became TWA Flight 800 was caught during operations at LAX. Another Los Angeles International Airport image is N174UA, the 747-400 that had to land there gear up after a long trans-Pacific flight.

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